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Tuesday 16 October, 2012

The ROGER VIVIER Price and Hong Kong to buy shoes Raiders

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Previously did not feel that the ROGER VIVIER the shoes how hard to buy. Trip to Hong Kong, The Landmark, store, basically breaking yards. I found the shoes to buy RV but also to establish a good relationship and SALES.

A lot of people to buy, the staff is very busy, basically less ignores people. So you Daizhe busy clerk've got to ask her to take the shoes to try. They are not particularly patient, but basically will help you find your yardage. But your RV this year's new colors are beautiful ah! So you just try twelve pairs is very difficult. But unfortunately, do not know is really no yardage or they do not want out, I just tried twenty-three pairs they had already started to slow down. Know me the SALES say just two pairs I should, and they considered really began to talk to me. After the test is relatively smooth shoes, I want what they will go and find me, good color high-heeled satin crystal head actually navy blue my code. RV shoes code number is too large, I should wear less than half the number or One code.

This time the clerk the attitude began well, said to me: they often will close up the shoes, is not sold to those purchasing, purchasing too much. The RV's VIP time buy the full 4W HK. The threshold is not too high. However, the clerk will not tell you in advance. Just waiting for you to buy will tell you. In addition to discounts, VIP treatment then there will help you set aside the new and not buy shoes.

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